Earlier today I was talking to a member at our gym.  He asked me, “Why are y’all programming these watered-down workouts.  Are y’all trying to appeal to the soccer moms?”  First, I explained a bit of the rationale behind our programming – such as being in the first week of a new cycle and focusing on basic movement limitations we noticed during the last training cycle – which didn’t get through to him.  So then, I asked him, “Do you just want to work hard, or do you want to actually get better?”

We see this a lot with athletes.  They want to work hard…if they aren’t laying in a puddle of sweat and tears after a workout, then it wasn’t a great workout.  They are willing to “crush it” every time they come in the gym but when we ask them to spend time on shoulder and hip mobility so that they can move safer and more efficiently (aka: get better) – they don’t seem to have the time or energy.

As frustrating as this can be for a coach and gym owner, we do the same thing in business.  We work harder and put in longer hours to improve our business but we still don’t do the things that matter…the tasks that will actually make your business better.  We will try the newest marketing trends, spend hours programming workouts, updating social media, bookkeeping, sending emails, newsletters, cleaning, etc. but don’t spend the time to develop systems and train employees, network or get great at 1-2 marketing channels that will bring in new clients over and over.

I am not saying that programming, bookkeeping and emails are not important or that hard work is not required.  (For the record, bookkeeping is very important & I’d love help you out with it).  There are definitely tons of tasks that must get done and a lot of hard work that must go into a well-run gym.  The point is that often times we focus on putting in more effort rather than doing the things that will actually make your business more successful.

So, are you guilty of working harder without getting better?  I know I still am from time-to-time!  What can you do to get better this week?

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