“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

As a Fitness Professional you know that goals are super important to progress.  I envision goals like looking through a funnel of my future life.  Everything is very focused and narrow at first.  These are the daily, weekly and monthly goals.  As my vision widens with the expansion of the funnel, so do the goals.  For instance, after the daily, weekly and monthly goals, I’ll have the 1, 3, 5, 10 year goals, etc., each less focused than the one before.  Finally, at the end of my vision is me, at the end of my life, reflecting on my life.  Was I happy with what I had accomplished?  Did I regret working too much or chasing other people’s dreams rather than my own?  Did I give back enough or leave the world a little bit better?  Was I a good husband and a good father?  Basically, did I have a successful life?

So a few things about this.
(1) I work from the widest part of the funnel in.  The widest part of the funnel really involves my values, beliefs and my “why” as a person.  Those help to guide everything else below it.

(2) The middle of the funnel is a little hazy.  I have some ideas as to where I want to be in 10 years based on where I am now and where I want to be at the end of my days, but I don’t get so locked into those goals that I have complete blinders on.  Some may say that this is a mistake – that the blinders will help me achieve my goals.  But I know that I’m dedicated to learning and growing so knowing what I know now, what is realistic in 10 years, may really only take 5 years once I grow as a person.  I read something recently that went something like this, “The person you are today can not obtain, own & control the dreams you have for tomorrow.  Who you are today is not capable of having that or you would already have it.”  With that said, I’m a bit hesitant to set solid goals in the future because I may be putting a huge ceiling on what I’m really capable of.

Further, life happens.  I believe that there are different paths that I can take that will make me successful and happy as I look back at my life.  Because I’m on a certain path right now, doesn’t mean that I have to stay on that path forever.  Opportunities are created but you have to be open minded enough to see them.

(3) The goals right in front of me are clear.  I’m trying a new system here where I set 3 big goals every month.  My weekly and daily goals involve accomplishing tasks that guarantee that these goals get accomplished.  There are obviously other things that must get done on a daily basis, but I make sure that I get at least 1 thing done for my big monthly goals.   These goals are clear because I know where I am now and where I want to be in 3 months a year so I can really break down what needs to get done.

So, that’s how I look at goals.  I was actually planning on writing about creating specific financial goals for your business but this came out instead.  I guess there’s going to have to be Part 2.

Do you have goals for your life?  For your business?  For your relationship?  Let me know in the comments.



Measuring Success For Your Business

Owning and running a business involves a lot of moving parts.  From a broad perspective, your business effects the lives of you and your family, you staff, your clients, your community and potentially investors as well.  That can make it difficult to define what success means for  your business means TO YOU.

That is the beautiful thing about success.  It can mean whatever YOU determine it to mean.  You may be fine working 16 hour days and not making a ton of money as long as you are changing the lives of your coaches and clients.  On the flip side, your idea of success might be having a $1,000,000 gym with little concern for your staff and clients as long as they continue to help you make money.  In reality, we want it all and typically the two go together (the more you take care of your staff and your clients, the more money you will make).

Since success can mean what ever you want it to mean for you, it is important to define what that is.  If you fail to determine what success is for you, you will ultimately remain unfulfilled.  Here are a few categories to help prioritize what success means TO YOU for your business:
– Great results for your clients
– Financial security and freedom for you and your family
– Having a lot of members
– Never working a 9-5 job again
– Being in control of your schedule and being able to take vacations when you want

Now it’s likely that your definition of success is some combination of these – and that’s fine.  But take the time to go through this list (and come up with others) to define what will make you feel successful in your business.

After you have defined your big picture of success – your ideal business – it’s important to map out what it will take to get you to that point.   You likely are not where you ultimately want to be…and that’s ok; that doesn’t mean that you are not successful.  It does mean that you need to work on being successful a majority of  your days until you reach that point (and beyond to keep your success up).  You need to begin following the success cycle.

The success cycle begins with an activity.  That activity will give you a result.  If it’s not the desired result, then learn from your mistakes and go at it again until  you get the desired result.  That result leads to success.  Success gives you more confidence which makes you more active and you get more results and feel more success.  This process continues, picking up more and more momentum as you go.  The important thing is to start small with the success cycle.  For instance, when I work with gyms to get their profit where it should be, we start off very small.  I want that first step to be easy.  Once they have success on the first step, we’ll take a little bit bigger step and so on until they reach their goal.  I’m sure you do the same thing with clients.  Do you start with 1 new habit until they master it or do your throw the whole book at them?  You are familiar with the success cycle as it relates to training clients, now just apply it to your business.  Starting off, pick 1 thing that will move your business towards your definition of success and do it every day.  Here are a few examples:

Example 1:   If you get your client great results but you have trouble getting new members in the gym, then set a daily goal of asking 2 members for referrals.  After a week or so, this will become easy and you may want to increase it to 4 or 5 members per day.

Example 2:  If you have had trouble developing your systems, set a daily goal to get a systems manual or videos completed.  30 minutes a day would be a great way to start (as long as it was a focused 30 min.).  Make sure you do that every day and you should have your entire business documented in about a month.

You get the idea.  Figure out where you need to improve the most or what will have the biggest impact on your business and work daily to get there.  You will feel successful on a daily basis and you will make great strides towards your ideal business.

A final note about success: Remember that YOU choose success.  Just because somebody has a bigger gym or more clients than you does not make them more successful.  Also, because somebody on Facebook says that successful gyms all do X, does not mean that you are unsuccessful if you do Y.  YOU define what makes YOU successful.  But YOU have to define it or other people will.